About Multi-Culty

I’m happy to welcome you at Multi-Culty Home Exchange Club! I would like to share with you the story about our travel club.

Our multinational family now lives in Greece. I am Ukrainian and my Greek husband, born and raised in Germany. As at the time of the meeting we lived in different countries, we had to travel a lot to see each other.

Before that, I was on vacation in Greece several times and lived in hotels. But when you live in a hotel, as a tourist, you see the life and culture of another country only from one side, very limited. Another thing is when you live in a house or apartment, as a local resident. You see the country in a different way. You dive yourself into another culture at once, see how the locals live, learn their habits, traditions, cuisine, language...

The whole journey turns out much brighter and leaves much more impressions. I felt that when I came to visit my future husband in his house in Athens. He noted the same thing when he was visiting me in Kiev.

The idea of founding a Multi-Culty Home Exchange Club arose as the simplest solution, making traveling interesting without spending a lot of money on living in another country. Just exchange your home with other travelers. In addition, it is very comfortable - to have all the comforts, as you have at home. Especially for families with children who always need more space for accommodation.

Multi-Culty connects travelers from all over the world who want to explore the culture of other countries from the inside and get the most authentic travel experience.

The main values of the club are freedom, trust and respect.

You have the freedom to travel anywhere in the world. And as a bonus, this is an opportunity to meet new open-minded friends.

Mutual trust and respect are the basic principles on which the idea of home exchange travel is based. After all, you live in other people’s house, while they live in yours. Therefore, you treat their home the way you want them to treat yours.

Travel more and discover our multicultural world!