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The most common doubt that people have about Home Exchange idea is safety.

Is it safe to have a stranger living in your house? Here are some things to consider.

Our community is based on honesty and trust. Mutual trust and respect are the basic principles on which the idea of home exchange travel is based. After all, you live in other people’s house, while they live in yours. Therefore, you treat their home the way you want them to treat yours.

You trust, but not blindly. There are also things that depend on YOU.

Before the exchange, you and your exchange partner should know some basic information about each other.

  • We recommend you to read in details your potential exchange partner’s profile and check out their past exchange guestbook reviews.
  • Take the time to get to know your potential exchange partner. Build trust through a period of messaging, email exchanges and telephone/Skype communication.

And always remember, that it’s ok to say no if you don’t think you are a home swap match. You can politely decline the exchange offer.


We care about security and we have tools that help to use the service easy and safely.

  • Your personal data- phone number, home or email address will not be visible anywhere on the website for other members.
  • Home location. When you are locating your home on the site, you can choose just the wider district in which you live, if you don’t want to show exact place.
  • We protect your privacy, when members contacting you about home exchange, they cannot see your full name unless you choose to share this - just your first name.
  • Our website is secure. All transactions made through the website are controlled by verified payment service.
  • Your ID Verification shows other members that Multi-Culty have confirmed your identity.
  • Contact the members through our Messaging system to discuss the exchange. Confirm your trip using our Home Exchange Agreement

Our Member Support Team is happy to assist you in live-chat, e-mail, telephone in English 7 days a week.

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