7 Tips for a Successful Home Exchange

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Home exchange is an amazing way to have a holiday and also saving a lot of money on your travel accommodation. We’ve compiled our top 7 home exchange tips to ensure you have the best home exchange experience.

1.Create a detailed home listing

Your listing is the first impression that any other member on the site has of you. You include to your listing:

  • Description – describe your home and your area, what makes it special
  • Facilities – appliances, car use, child-friendly, pets etc.
  • Photos – include photos of bedrooms, the view, the outside of the home, and nearby sights
  • Location – where it is, what’s nearby, what there is to do nearby

2. Read listings carefully before enquiring

Before you contact the member to ensure that it’s the right fit for you. It’s important to check dates, details and the location of the home you are inquiring. If the member’s listing doesn’t include the details you need to know, make a note and include this in your home exchange request.

3. Keep an open mind

If you can’t find an exchange in the exact location you are looking for, be open-minded. Instead, look further to nearby towns and cities that may have more properties. Being flexible on the dates when you are planning a vacation can also help you to find a better home exchange.

Also, when receiving exchange inquiries do consider trips that you wouldn’t have normally. You can meet new people who may become friends for life. Sometimes the best home exchange experiences we get from unplanned holidays to destinations they had not considered before.

4. Have realistic expectations

Usually, if you live in a popular travel or tourist destination like New York, Paris, London you will receive more exchange requests in comparison to those who live in less known destinations. Often people travel for various reasons – it could be for a wedding, to visit family. Is your home within an hour’s drive from an area of interest? If you live in greater Paris, but can drive to Disney Land in 2 hours, put it on your profile!

5. Get to know your home exchange hosts better

After you have found the perfect home exchange for you. Take the time to get to know your potential exchange partner. Build trust through a period of messaging, email exchanges and telephone/Skype communication. This way you can be confident in knowing the exchange host is the right fit for your home exchange. If you don’t feel comfortable after speaking to them then you know it’s not the right for you.

6. Coordinate the travel details before exchanging

To make successful Home Exchange we recommend to discuss and coordinate all details with your Exchange partner. Clarify your expectations and needs in advance.

Discuss the details about the keys, what is included in the home, what to do with dirty linen and towels etc. Sign Home Exchange Agreement, that will help you to set up the main questions. You can find it in your Home Exchange account.

7. Prepare your house before guests arrive

  • You should discuss and agree with your exchange partner the cleanliness of the house when you arrange the exchange.
  • Leave some extra space

            Make sure that there is enough space for the staff of your Exchange partner at your house.

  • Store and lock away your valuables. Discuss any other staff that may need your guests. You can also let them know, which items they can move and which you would prefer they keep in place.
  • Prepare instructions for house appliance, alarm system, plant and pets care. Make a list of emergency numbers that include your doctor, a nearby hospital or emergency clinic, the fire department, and the police and repair people.
  • Think of any specific requirements that you have of your hosts before doing your home exchange and establish the rules.


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