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Who we are and what is our site created for? Multi-culty Club is not only the service to find a home for one or more days. It’s a big network which can help you to meet new friends and learn about different cultures of other countries. It’s not about faceless renters and exchange hosts. We create new connections between people from all the world and make them feel like locals, even if they are in thousands kilometers away from home.

First of all, you will save 100% of your travel costs for accommodation, while using this service. If you decided to find an exchange home instead of staying at the hotel during your trip, you will definitely get acquainted with local customs and habits. For example, in your new home for a few days you will find a fully equipped kitchen, not four knives, four forks, four spoons and the chilly impersonality of a rental or hotel suite.

You get the cozy home with all home facilities. And the main thing - you explore a new culture, by staying right in the heart of it.

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